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We want to take you somewhere new. To a place you have never been before. A place where you have to surrender to yourself and the feeling of calm euphoria. Leave the everyday world of stress and obligations behind and enter the BODY BIKE UNIVERSE. We want to do it differently. We want to go where no one else has gone before. Set new standards for what is doable and what is possible. And we want to do it because we can – it’s that simple. We want to pass on the images that fly around in our heads when we hear the words ‘Indoor Cycling Studio.’ We want to show you where our imagination takes us and where creativity knows no bounds. We want to take you to the BODY BIKE Universe. The BODY BIKE Universe conceptualization is designed to create the best possible framework for indoor cycling. It is the concept of a stand-alone indoor cycling studio taken as far as we can. It is a place where you just drop in and become part of another world for a while. It is meant to inspire those who want to create something different than the usual studios. For those with a vision to create something unique and offer something completely new. Nothing in the conceptualization is a permanent ingredient. Everything you will see is purely for inspirational purposes. And everything that you will see is possible. And it is meant to inspire those who want a different and exceptional experience when they work out. We want to create a world of indoor cycling where nothing is left to coincidence. Where every little detail is part of something greater. Where motivation and inspiration are key factors. The surroundings are the focal point of the concept. Big screens and projectors will project moving images, and together with sound and lighting you will get a complete experience where everything will come together. All your senses will be at play. Why not make your workout an experience. An experience you never expected to have and never want to be without. Motivating you to go that extra mile.


You enter the BODY BIKE Universe through the front door. The destination is a new and better you. The first thing you encounter is the lounge. A place where you brush off the outside world and your everyday worries. The lounge interior is designed with the view to bring the outdoor indoors, and both light and sound is in play to enhance this feeling. You can take a peek through the windows in to the cycling studio to watch the current class or you can go to the café to rent a pair of shoes and a towel or buy a bottle of water while you wait your turn to enter the studio. In one side of the café you see someone taking a VO2-max test on a bike. This is the place where you build up your expectations for what is to happen in the cycling studio. Every little detail in this room is inspiring and motivating you to reach your destination. You have entered a world of opportunities, and there is no limit to what you can do.

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