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OceanIX, is a BODY BIKE® SMART+. It comes with all the functionality you’d expect from a SMART+ model, including ANT+ and BLE integration to allow performance data to be sent to the rider’s personal device; the data can then be uploaded to Strava. Riders can also charge their device through the power generated as they cycle.

The recycled plastic used in the bike is sourced from a Danish company, Plastix, which buys old plastic fishing nets from commercial fishing fleets in Alaska, Scotland, Scandinavia and Iceland. This prevents the nets from being discarded in the ocean, burned or buried in landfill.


SKU: 99110110
GST Included
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  •  Delivered assembled and ready to ride on an enclosed pallet.


    Someone must be home to accept delivery.


    This item is bulky and will require 2 people to lift up any stairs (delivery drivers are not permitted inside premises)

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