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The Intelligent Cycling Team Player gives you a great overview of participant performance in real time.  Though often referred to as a leaderboard, the intent behind the group display is to make it even easier for the riders to follow the intensity provided by the workout and the instructor.

Compatible with SMART+


BasiQ is the core of iQniter Cardio Training and is used by the instructor to run the session.
Utilising the Suunto Team Pod, along with up to 72 Dual Comfort heart rate belts, iQniter cardio training can display and monitor members’ heart rates in real time.
The BasiQ software includes a split screen feature, allowing the instructor to control the workout without interrupting the member screen by simply extending the screen to a TV or projector. The system integrates heart rate monitoring, calorie counting, and multiple colour-coded intensity scales to provide motivating visual feedback.

Compatible with SMART+ & CONNECT

IQNITYER Display.png


Increase membership, improve client retention and separate yourself from the crowd by offering the most advanced group indoor cycling experience. Wirelessly display individual and group performance on to a single screen enabling indoor cycling studios to offer new class programming. Teach with power, heart rate, 3D animation and streaming video all in one easy-to-use system. Network heart rate belts and cardio equipment wirelessly to allow real time display of performance metrics. During class, monitor your performance data including heart rate, calories, power, and RPM in real time using group display or an app. After your workout, check your progress on your computer or phone. Turn your fitness studio into a Smart Studio.

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