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Often the most important things in life are outside our field of vision.  They are invisible to the naked eye.  Right there in our blind angle.  But even though we cannot see it, it is still there.  Making a difference.  Shaping our lives.

Our bikes have their hidden secrets.  You see a sculpturally designed high quality cycle - but there is more than meets the eye.  Behind the protective plastic cover you will find a world of details.  Details that set us apart.


A strong wish to create the ultimate indoor cycle combined with years of hard work lie behind BODY BIKE ELEMENT. The elegance, high quality and durability of BODY BIKE ELEMENT are unquestioned and unparalleled. 


This model has a powder coated steel frame which makes it the perfect choice for fitness centres with a demanding schedule or for the home user on a budget still wanting that commercial quality.


The Body Bike ELEMENT is only available in BLACK.

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