Body Bike SMART+ SWITCH.png

The new BODY BIKE® SMART+ SWITCH is a first-of-its-kind indoor cycle which brings together Wexer’s market-leading digital fitness technology with the proud design traditions of simplicity, functionality and reliability for which BODY BIKE® is known.

In place of the traditional bike console, the SMART+ SWITCH features a ground-breaking innovation: an easy-to-navigate, 21-inch touchscreen through which users can access a specially curated, pre-loaded selection of virtual cycling classes.

The screen also features an optional 180° rotation, which allows users to quickly switch to floor-based training in front of the bike, once again led by a virtual instructor. These floor-based workouts have been carefully selected to complement a cycling workout, but can also be performed independently.

Whether on the gym floor, in a corporate facility or at home, the SMART+ SWITCH puts over 500 workouts with world-class instructors at users’ fingertips – 24/7 – to bring together quality, choice and flexibility for the ultimate workout experience.

The SMART+ SWITCH will launch at The FITNESS SHOW SYDNEY, bringing together the best hardware and software on the market – best bike, best virtual system, best classes – for an indoor cycling experience like no other.



The industrial-grade touchscreen has been designed for durability and reliability, while the programming – supported by Wexer’s custom-made virtual platform – is currently available in 12 languages.

For those interested in performance data, the tech integration with BODY BIKE® means all user metrics – from power to cadence, calories to distance – can also be shown on the screen, motivating users to push themselves even further.

It’s a ground-breaking combination that marks a new standard in on-demand training, delivering the full buzz and engagement of group exercise to those working out independently.