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  • Body Bike Australia - Our Range Of Bikes

    BODY BIKE INDOOR BIKES MADE IN DENMARK SMART+ State-Of-The-Art Technology with functional design OCEANIX A world-first in the battle against plastic pollution SMART Perfection in all aspects of design and functionality CONNECT A sophisticated watt cycle with an integrated sensor SUPREME ELEMENT Durability meets Scandinavian design Where elegance, high quality and durability are unquestioned LETS EMBARK ON A JOURNEY THE DESTINATION IS A NEW AND BETTER YOU

  • Body Bike Australia - STUDIO DESIGN

    STUDIO DESIGN EVERYONE NEEDS A LITTLE HELP SOMETIMES PRESS FOR HELP Having the best bike on the market, is only the beginning. Creating a space that inspires those who want a different and exceptional experience when they work out, is what we offer. We’ll help you create a world of indoor cycling where nothing is left to coincidence. Where every little detail is part of something greater. Where motivation and inspiration are key factors. Big screens and projectors will project moving images, and together with sound and lighting you will get a complete experience where everything will come together. Give your members an experience they never expected to have and never want to be without. Motivating them to go the extra mile.

  • Body Bike Australia - CONNECT

    SPECIFICATIONS MANUAL With BODY BIKE Connect indoor cycling is taken to the next level enabling you to optimise your training, motivating you to reach your goal and realise your full potential. BODY BIKE Connect is a sophisticated watt cycle with an integrated sensor that measures your performance. The BODY BIKE Performance console on the handlebar shows watt output, cadence, heart rate, calorie expenditure and other data giving you immediate and valuable feedback on the intensity of your training effort. It also enables you to take a watt test and reveal your VO2 max. All data is transferred wireless through ANT+ allowing you to pick it up on other ANT+ devices like an ANT+ compatible smart phone. ​ The BODY BIKE Connect is developed on the basis of many years of experience with indoor cycles and fully lives up BODY BIKE’s well-known cycling experience. AVAILABLE IN 11 DIFFERENT COLOURS NO WEAK LINKS HANDLEBAR Stainless Steel, Wave Bottle Holder, Black Aluminium Aeroboars SADDLE Shock-Absorbing, Unisex POSTS Stainless Steel Front & Saddle Posts ​ FRAME Powder Coated Stainless Steel ​ SERVICE HATCHES ABS Plastic, Coin Lock System ​ DRIVETRAIN Poly-V Belt with Kevlar ​ RESISTANCE SYSTEM Friction with Kevlar ​ STABILISERS Stainless Steel, Shot Blasted ​ CRANK Cast Iron, Unbreakable ​ ACCURATE WATT MEASUREMENT Direct Force Measurement, The Real Deal WE ARE ALL CONNECTED GROUP TRAINING AND APPS There are multiple options to choose from when you want to spice up your indoor cycling class with virtual software. BODY BIKE® Connect transmits the ANT+ protocol enabling it to connect to the vast majority of group training systems. The ANT+ signal from the BODY BIKE® Connect can also be picked up by a wide range of mobile apps and Smart watches able to receive ANT+.* *Most Android smartphones have an integrated ANT+ receiver, and training apps with ANT+ compatibility will be able to pick up the data from BODY BIKE® Connect PERFORMANCE CONSOLE The Performance Console is mounted on the Wave Bottle holder forward of the handlebar, out of the sweat zone. ​ The console offers: - Watt - HR - Cadence - Calories - Time - Distance - VO2 Max test - ANT+ Connectivity REALISE YOUR FULL POTENTIAL

  • Body Bike Australia - MISSION, VISION & VALUES

    FINANCE SOLUTIONS Here at Body Bike, we understand the importance of managing cash flow. We are proud to be able to offer you finance options to ensure you manage your cash flow effectively. With competitive rates on offer as well as a simplified application process, you'll be riding your new bikes in no time. ​ WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF FINANCING YOUR BODY BIKE PURCHASE ​ There are many reasons why​ financing your purchase is well worth considering. ​ STARTING FROM SCRATCH If you're starting from scratch, you'll need the best bikes you can get, financing can help you get that and get your business off the ground. ​ START EARNING REVENUE IMMEDIATELY If you're starting from scratch, saving enough capital to purchase the bikes the best bikes could take you years. But by financing them you get the bikes immediately and can start earning revenue from day one. ​ THE COMPETITIVE EDGE To stay ahead of your competitors, attract and retain your members, you'll need to invest in the best indoor bikes. ​ TAX DEDUCTABLE Repayments towards your indoor bike loan can usually be claimed as tax deductions, providing a further boost to your bottom line. ​ IMPROVE CASH FLOW By upgrading your indoor bikes through financing, you could potentially improve cash flow for your business and help it reach a stronger financial position. This gives you greater flexibility to expand and update your business in the future. ​ ​ ​

  • Body Bike Australia - LES MILLS VIRTUAL

    WHAT IS VIRTUAL? LES MILLS™ Virtual workouts combine world-leading fitness programs with pumping sound and motivation from some of the hottest instructors on the planet all on a big screen in your club. Anytime. THE BENEFITS OF VIRTUAL Convenience: give your members what they want, when they want More members, more engaged = retention Provide new comers with a low-risk option and build confidence in group fitness 3 STEPS TO GETTING STARTED 1. STUDIO 2. PLATFORM 3. CONTENT Create an amazing Virtual experience with a darkened room, a big screen (projector or LED) and a pumping sound system. A high quality, secure technology platform is needed to deliver LES MILLS™ Virtual classes. Les Mills works with a number of technology partners around the world and can assist in selecting the right one for you. With leading edge choreography, chart topping music and inspirational instructors, LES MILLS™ Virtual content is world class. Classes are updated quarterly so they’re fresh and there is always a range of new and exciting options. CYCLE PROGRAMS AVAILABLE FOR VIRTUAL

  • Body Bike Australia - SERVICE

    SERVICING TAKE A LITTLE CARE, YOUR MEMBERS WILL LOVE YOU FOR IT BODY BIKE has through years of hard work built up a reputation of producing high quality indoor cycles. We are able to maintain this reputation because we know that true quality lies in the details. That is why we always use carefully selected materials. However, high-quality materials offer no guarantee for a high-quality end product. They need to be utilised correctly to get the best out of them. Our knowledge, experience and technical insight are your guarantee for a consistent and unrivalled quality.

  • Body Bike Australia - ELEMENT

    ELEMENT A strong wish to create the ultimate indoor cycle combined with years of hard work lie behind BODY BIKE Element. The elegance, high quality and durability of BODY BIKE Element are unquestioned and unparalleled. This model has a powder coated steel frame which makes it the perfect choice for fitness centres with a demanding schedule or for the home user on a budget still wanting that commercial quality. The Body Bike ELEMENT is only available in BLACK. SPECIFICATIONS MANUAL NO WEAK LINKS HANDLEBAR Stainless Steel, Wave Bottle Holder, Black Aluminium Aeroboars ​ SADDLE Shock-Absorbing, Unisex ​ POSTS Stainless Steel Front & Saddle Posts ​ FRAME Powder Coated Stainless Steel ​ SERVICE HATCHES ABS Plastic ​ DRIVETRAIN Poly-V Belt with Kevlar ​ RESISTANCE SYSTEM Friction with Kevlar ​ STABILISERS Stainless Steel, Shot Blasted ​ CRANK Cast Iron, Unbreakable ​ LETS GIVE YOU A HEAD START

  • ZIP own it now, pay later | Body Bike Australia

    HOW IT WORKS 10 STEPS to owning YOUR Body Bike and paying for it INTEREST FREE over 6 months. STEP 1. Choose the Body Bike Model you want STEP 2. Click on the "REQUEST A QUOTE" button and complete all required fields STEP 3. Sit back, make a cuppa, we'll get a quote to you as quickly as we can STEP 4. Check your email for the online quote and hit "ACCEPT" and add a comment letting us know you'd like to pay by ZIP MONEY STEP 5: We'll then send you an invite to apply for a ZIP MONEY Account STEP 6. Open the email and complete all required details from ZIP (you liaise directly with them during this process) STEP 7. Once you're approved, we'll be sent an email notifying us as will you STEP 8. We then advise ZIP to process the payment STEP 9. Once payment has been processed we assemble and deliver your bike STEP 10. YOUR BIKE, YOUR RIDE at YOUR PLACE, paying YOUR WAY ​ Enjoy the ride

  • Body Bike Australia - INTELLIGENT CYCLING

    WHAT IS INTELLIGENT CYCLING? Intelligent Cycling® is designed to focus on time efficient cycling training whether the focus is Heart Rate, Power or RPE. An easy to read visual interface provides a complete overview of the training at any moment – it's the GPS roadmap for both instructors and members. THE BENEFITS OF INTELLIGENT CYCLING Time is limited so the need for time-efficient training has never been more important. With intelligent cycling, we have created a system that is both easy to use, flexible, motivating and intelligent. Almost all cycling training will result in a cardiovascular response, but the more efficient and intelligent training is, the better the results. Intelligent Cycling is all about the knowledge we put into our programming. For the vast majority, it’s simply a layer of complexity that can seem difficult to deal with. We make intelligent cycling easy and therefore allow you to focus on what you do best, whether you are individual, instructor og club owner. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Intelligent Cycling is a web based service with access from any internet browser. As so, the internet and system requirements are fairly low and it can run on almost any device. However if you want to use the "desktop app" you need a PC/Mac with a good graphics card or GPU. The better the graphics card, the more frames per second (FPS) your computer can process and the higher resolution and smoother graphics you can enjoy. You will also need Spotify Premium. RECOMMENDED SPECS To keep ahead of time and future updates, it is recommended that studios use the following minimum recommended specs. ​ PROCESSOR | Minimum Intel Core i5 MEMORY | Minimum 16GB RAM GRAPHICS | Minimum Geforce GTX 1050 HARD DISK | Minimum 10GB of Free Space INTERNET CONNECTION The workouts at Intelligent Cycling are available online and will run on almost any internet connection. If you want to experience a smooth ride while streaming music online, a minimum speed of 5-10 megabytes per second (5mbps) is recommended. INTELLIGENT CYCLING APP PLAY, ENGAGE, HAVE FUN Intelligent Cycling® offers more than 300 workouts ready to use with perfectly synchronised playlists. As an option you can create your own workouts and keep track of time, intensity and position. A QUICK OVERVIEW THE JOURNEY TAKE THE TOUR AND FIND OUT MORE HERE


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