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    ACCESSORIES PERFORMANCE CONSOLE ​ BODY BIKE® Performance is compatible with BODY BIKE® Smart, BODY BIKE® Supreme and BODY BIKE® Element Easy to install. BODY BIKE® Performance Console is ANT+ certified. Box includes BODY BIKE® Performance Console incl. batteries, wave bottle holder mount, speed transmitter incl. batteries, magnet, ties and easy to read manual. The console features start/pause time, cadence, distance, avg cad, HR, %Max HR, Max HR, Avg HR, Kcal, Kcal/hour (HR based), Wireless ANT+. The console is compatible with most heart rate transmitters. to see a list of compatible ANT+ products CLICK HERE PROTECTION MAT ​ BODY BIKE® Protection Mat protects the floors in your fitness centre. The mat is shape-optimised to capture the sweat when it drips from the users’ head and elbows during cycling. An edge all the way around the mat prevents the sweat from streaming onto the floor. A non-slip surface provides a safe ground when the user gets off the bike after cycling. PERFORMANCE CONSOLE BRACKET ​ The console bracket for the BODY BIKE® Performance Console enables the cyclist to get a better view of the screen as the console is moved further forward, and makes it possible to reach the buttons when resting the hands on the bar ends. The bracket is custom-made to fit the Wave Bottle Holder and is easy to mount. MOBILE PHONE HOLDER ​ The Mobile Phone Holder is compatible with BODY BIKE® Supreme and BODY BIKE® Element or where the Wave Bottle Holder is installed. Easy to install. The Mobile Phone Holder enables the cyclist to have their mobile phone on the bike to watch virtual rides or use an apps. The Mobile Phone Holder custom-made to fit the Wave Bottle Holder and is easy to mount. ​ Phone maximum width: 9 cm/3.6 in WAVE BOTTLE HOLDER ​ The Wave Bottle Holder is custom designed to fit all BODY BIKE® indoor bikes. It holds two water bottles and the design makes room for fixing e.g. a fitness watch, and with the option to attach the BODY BIKE® Mobile Phone Holder. Glass fibre reinforced. Standard on BODY BIKE® Connect and BODY BIKE® Supreme and BODY BIKE® Element. SMART DOCK ​ BODY BIKE® SMART DOCK The ALL-IN-ONE solution. Keeping your digital device and bottles in place. Fits all BODY BIKE® models Standard on BODY BIKE® Smart+ and BODY BIKE® Smart. SADDLE ADAPTOR EXTENSION ​ It fits the saddle onto the seat post and enables the saddle to get 90 mm further forwards or backwards than the standard saddle adapter. Compatible with BODY BIKE® Connect and BODY BIKE® Supreme and BODY BIKE® Element. PRO SOFT SADDLE ​ The Pro Soft Saddle offers riders comfort and durability. The unisex design with its internal channel relieves pressure. Standard on BODY BIKE® Connect and BODY BIKE® Supreme and BODY BIKE® Element. SMART SADDLE With its double density, shock absorbing technology the BODY BIKE® Smart Saddle was designed with comfort in mind. ​ This unisex saddle comes as standard on BODY BIKE® Smart+ and BODY BIKE® Smart. ADJUSTMENT HANDLE Stainless steel thread. For handlebar, saddle, front post and seat post. ​ For use on BODY BIKE® Connect and BODY BIKE® Supreme and BODY BIKE® Element. RUBBER FEET Absorbs the impact during cycling. Stainless steel fitting. Dark grey with BODY BIKE® logo. Fits the stabilisers of ALL BODY BIKE® indoor bikes. TRANSPORT WHEEL Grey transport wheel for stainless steel stabilisers. With heavy duty bearings. Fits the stabilisers of ALL BODY BIKE® indoor bikes. ADJUSTMENT SCREW Prevents play in handlebars. For use on BODY BIKE® Connect and BODY BIKE® Supreme and BODY BIKE® Element. PEDALS - Standard Designed by Body Bike Australia and come as standard on all models. Double sided pedals, featuring toe cage and strap on one side and SPD cleat on the other. ​ They are compatible with all SPD cycling shoes. PEDALS - Instructor Designed for the instructor in mind. Double sided pedals, featuring SPD & LOOK locking systems. Fits ALL BODY BIKE® indoor bikes. TOE STRAPS Nylon Toe Straps for use in toe cages. ​ Fits all standard pedals.


    PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE EVEN A FERRARI NEEDS A SERVICE NOW AND THEN OUR 20 POINT CHECK LIST Rubber Feet Transport Wheels Transport Wheel Nuts & Bolts Stabilisers Stabiliser Nuts & Bolts Pedals Toe Straps Pedal Arms Pedal Arm Bolts Service Hatches Fly Wheel & Bearings Brake Pad Resistance Handle Top & Side Covers Adjustment Handles Seat Post Handlebar Post Saddle Handlebar Grips Handlebar Screw (if applicable) BRONZE 1st Service 30 days after delivery (FREE) Additional Service Every 6 months Recommended for clubs teaching up to 5 classes per week SILVER 1ST Service 30 days after delivery (FREE) Additional Service Every 5 months Recommended for clubs teaching up to 10 classes per week GOLD 1ST Service 30 days after delivery (FREE) Additional Service Every 4 months Recommended for clubs teaching up to 15 classes per week PLATINUM 1ST Service 30 days after delivery (FREE) Additional Service Every 3 months Recommended for clubs teaching 20+ classes per week All of our Service Technicians are fully qualified, trained and upskilled in house. We only use original BODY BIKE® parts to ensure the warranty is kept intact should anything ever go wrong. Being the only manufacturer of indoor cycles, your satisfaction is our guarantee. Only manufacturing one product allows us to react quicker than equipment suppliers when it comes to servicing your bikes.

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    BODY BIKE THE BEST VIRTUAL CYCLING CLASSES AND FLOOR-BASED TRAINING ON DEMAND BODY BIKE On Demand is an online web player with hundreds of fantastic classes from which to choose: cycling, yoga, stretch, strength, HIIT, meditation... all led by the best instructors from around the globe. ​ The platform not only offers cycling classes but also floor-based training, that is specially curated to complement a cycling workout, enabling the users to get a full-body workout, wherever they may be. ​ CONNECT ON DIFFERENT DEVICES ​ You can connect to BODY BIKE On Demand through your browser on various devices Phone Computer Tablet TV Stream the workouts on your phone, when you are on the move or from your computer or tablet at home. If you prefer to stream your workouts from your TV, simply connect with Google Chromecast or Apple AirPlay. GET FREE ACCESS NOW ​ In addition to the launch of the new platform, BODY BIKE AUSTRALIA now offers all customers who purchase an indoor bike, one year free access to BODY BIKE On Demand. ​ If you are interested in buying a Body Bike and would like to claim your 1 Year FREE Access click here. CHECK OUT BODY BIKE ON DEMAND

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    CUSTOMISATION IF YOUR CLUB DOESN'T STAND OUT. DON'T BLAME US. CUSTOM DESIGNS Here's a few clubs we've done in the past. Body Bike_Connect_purple_Fitness RH_vers WORLD GYM Smart+ Describe your image Supreme_black-Body-Sculpt 1/10 SERVICE HATCHES We designed a range of service hatches to give you some inspiration. Let your imagination run wild. Envy Describe your image Supreme Black Immersive Describe your image SMART+ Illumination Describe your image 1/10 IF YOU CAN DREAM IT. WE CAN DO IT. SEND US YOUR IDEAS

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    STUDIO DESIGN & LAYOUT DO IT DIFFERENT. STAND OUT. BODY BIKE UNIVERSE We want to take you somewhere new. To a place you have never been before. A place where you have to surrender to yourself and the feeling of calm euphoria. Leave the everyday world of stress and obligations behind and enter the BODY BIKE UNIVERSE. ​ We want to do it differently. We want to go where no one else has gone before. Set new standards for what is doable and what is possible. And we want to do it because we can – it’s that simple. ​ We want to pass on the images that fly around in our heads when we hear the words ‘Indoor Cycling Studio.’ We want to show you where our imagination takes us and where creativity knows no bounds. We want to take you to the BODY BIKE Universe. ​ The BODY BIKE Universe conceptualisation is designed to create the best possible framework for indoor cycling. It is the concept of a stand-alone indoor cycling studio taken as far as we can. It is a place where you just drop in and become part of another world for a while. It is meant to inspire those who want to create something different than the usual studios. For those with a vision to create something unique and offer something completely new. Nothing in the conceptualisation is a permanent ingredient. Everything you will see is purely for inspirational purposes. And everything that you will see is possible. ​ And it is meant to inspire those who want a different and exceptional experience when they work out. We want to create a world of indoor cycling where nothing is left to coincidence. Where every little detail is part of something greater. Where motivation and inspiration are key factors. ​ The surroundings are the focal point of the concept. Big screens and projectors will project moving images, and together with sound and lighting you will get a complete experience where everything will come together. All your senses will be at play. Why not make your workout an experience. An experience you never expected to have and never want to be without. Motivating you to go that extra mile. MORE INFO LAYOUT & SPACING Every participant should have a clear view of the instructor. We recommend spacing your bikes out to ensure each bike has 1.5m2 of studio space. The stage should be roughly 30cm high and wide enough for at least 3 bikes LIGHTING What needs to be seen must be seen. We recommend lighting that amplifies the energy in the room and enhances the mood. Colours work well, as do bright whites. Give your instructor full control over everything they need from the stage. We recommend Fitness Audio . SOUND & ACCOUSTICS Sound is everything. Could you imagine being in a nightclub and not being able to hear the music? Neither could we. Make sure the sound is amazing. Spend the money for something that pumps. Make sure you put accoustic panels in the right places if you need to absorb bouncing sounds. We recommend Fitness Audio . AIR FLOW & VENTILATION Aim for around 18-20°C with the humidity level somewhere between 40-60%. A system that can change automatically according to the environment is ideal. FLOORING A hard, easy to clean surface is what you're looking for here. Keep away from carpet or floors that soak up moisture and sweat. The easier to clean the better. We recommend looking in to Regupol flooring .



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    DOWNLOAD SPECS The new BODY BIKE® SMART+ SWITCH is a first-of-its-kind indoor cycle which brings together Wexer’s market-leading digital fitness technology with the proud design traditions of simplicity, functionality and reliability for which BODY BIKE® is known. ​ ​ In place of the traditional bike console, the SMART+ SWITCH features a ground-breaking innovation: an easy-to-navigate, 21-inch touchscreen through which users can access a specially curated, pre-loaded selection of virtual cycling classes. ​ The screen also features an optional 180° rotation, which allows users to quickly switch to floor-based training in front of the bike, once again led by a virtual instructor. These floor-based workouts have been carefully selected to complement a cycling workout, but can also be performed independently. ​ Whether on the gym floor, in a corporate facility or at home, the SMART+ SWITCH puts over 500 workouts with world-class instructors at users’ fingertips – 24/7 – to bring together quality, choice and flexibility for the ultimate workout experience. ​ The SMART+ SWITCH will launch at The FITNESS SHOW SYDNEY, bringing together the best hardware and software on the market – best bike, best virtual system, best classes – for an indoor cycling experience like no other. AVAILABLE IN 10 DIFFERENT COLOURS The industrial-grade touchscreen has been designed for durability and reliability, while the programming – supported by Wexer’s custom-made virtual platform – is currently available in 12 languages. ​ For those interested in performance data, the tech integration with BODY BIKE® means all user metrics – from power to cadence, calories to distance – can also be shown on the screen, motivating users to push themselves even further. ​ It’s a ground-breaking combination that marks a new standard in on-demand training, delivering the full buzz and engagement of group exercise to those working out independently.

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    OceanIX, is a BODY BIKE® SMART+. It comes with all the functionality you’d expect from a SMART+ model, including ANT+ and BLE integration to allow performance data to be sent to the rider’s personal device; the data can then be uploaded to Strava. Riders can also charge their device through the power generated as they cycle. ​ The recycled plastic used in the bike is sourced from a Danish company, Plastix, which buys old plastic fishing nets from commercial fishing fleets in Alaska, Scotland, Scandinavia and Iceland. This prevents the nets from being discarded in the ocean, burned or buried in landfill. DOWNLOAD SPECS


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